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We are building a school in an indigenous village in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest!

It will serve as a meeting place to discuss agricultural practices and improve indigenous health.


This project addresses the rapidly changing state of nutrition in Huni Kuin (Kaxinawá) indigenous communities along the Jordão river in Acre.

This campaign builds on the initial project launched in 2018, that met its fundraising goal of £10.000.


After the delays due to the pandemic, we are thrilled to announce that Phase 1 of the project starts in January 2023 with a meeting in Acre, Brazil, between the indigenous community of Nova Fortaleza, award winning architect, Gustavo Utrabo and anthropologist, Verónica Castro.

Invoke the power of the vegetables by...

DONATING to build a school that promotes nutrition amongst the people of the Amazon and celebrates indigenous culture. Donate HERE. Thank you!


FUNDRAISING at your work or within your community. Organise a small event, give-away, raffle or auction.

PURCHASING Huni Kuin arts, ceremonial jewellery, textiles and Rapéh directly from us.

Every donation helps, no matter the value!

SHARING the donation link on your social networks.

To keep updated with our progress, please follow us on Instagram or join our mailing list.

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